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Using an integrative approach, engaging with you on a compassionate level, and helping you on your recovery journey is my number one goal.  If you want relief from the causes and conditions of addiction, and wish to rise in your recovery, please call:


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"...Dedicated to the belief that addiction is a disease that can be managed and overcome,
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Kimberley L. Berlin, LCSW

Compassionate Beginnings

Integrated Anxiety & Depression Process Group

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or depression, whether in recovery from addiction, or as a result of trauma?

This process group will offer tools and techniques to manage anxiety and/or depression, as well as the strength of the community.  Each week we will gather in a safe and tranquil space to cultivate an awareness of our personal potential.

Wednesday evenings
6pm  - 7:15pm

The power of process groups lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment.

Each week we will use techniques that include Mindfulness Meditation and Breath Work along with supportive topics grounded in a solution focused approach.

                                           Fee:                      $50 per person
                                           Length:               1 hour and 15 minutes
                                           Limit:                   8 people
                                           Starts:                  July 11, 2018
                                          Ends:                    TBD

604 South King Street, Suite 002, Leesburg, VA 20175