Compassionate Beginnings

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug issues help is here.

Using an integrative approach, engaging with you on a compassionate level, and helping you on your recovery journey is my number one goal.  If you want relief from the causes and conditions of addiction, and wish to rise in your recovery, please call:


I am pleased to announce that I am expanding my services to Reston, Virginia!

Beginning in April 2018, I will be collaborating with Jacques de Broekert, psychotherapist and owner of Wellspring Mind Body, Inc.   Joining the team are Heather Hagaman Certified Trauma Yoga Therapist, and Kathy Sullivan, Expressive Art Therapist. Together we are seeking to create a new paradigm for addiction treatment; one where the client will have a comprehensive accessibility to healing approaches that will serve to release the attachment to addiction.

I will continue to offer my services at my Leesburg office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Opportunity Saturday mornings may be coming soon.

My Compassionate Beginnings, LLC., fees in Leesburg will remain the same at $120 per hour.  Wellspring Mind Body, Inc., sets their own fees. Standard individual counseling fee is $130.00 per hour.

For more information, please call my associate Katherine Myers (703) 528-8668 or Jacques de Broekert (703) 728-5137.

Freedom from Addiction. Hope for Life.


"...Dedicated to the belief that addiction is a disease that can be managed and overcome,
and that recovery can be enjoyed today and every day..."

Kimberley L. Berlin, LCSW