Individual Evaluations are conducted for all individuals seeking treatment in order that a comprehensive discussion regarding issues, goals and treatment approaches are covered.  These are scheduled for a minimum of 1.5 hours, with flexibility of two hours.  At the end of the evaluation the client will have a good sense of  their goals, whether the relationship is a good fit, and what the outcomes will be for the future. 
$150.00 per hour                                                                                                                   

Individual therapy sessions are one hour (60 minutes) in length. Whether you are struggling with alcohol or drug related issues or problems related to anxiety, depression, codependency or trauma, my approach is focused on compassion, support and helping you find your path to wellness. 

$120.00 per hour

Virtual Therapy sessions are offered for clients who reside out of the immediate area, or for whom time and travel constraints might otherwise hamper consistent attendance in sessions.  When travel is an impediment to your wellness, working on a secured platform in the comfort of your own home is an excellent solution.  A web-camera is required for the virtual environment.  International and out of state clients are welcome.

$120.00 per hour
Security Clearance Evaluations are conducted by referral from law firms representing clients who are seeking security clearance adjudication, appealing a court decision, or involved in a DWI/DUI case with the State of Virginia.  The evaluation includes a full spectrum interview, bio-psycho-social evaluation, a comprehensive written report, and a Letter of Disposition for judicial or hearing review.  

$500.00 inclusive

As a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), I conduct evaluations and assesses employees who have violated Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol regulations. Recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare are made in compliance with federal regulations. Each assessment, with a duration of 1.5 hours) includes a full spectrum interview, comprehensive written report with treatment recommendations and a follow-up evaluation.                 

$400.00 inclusive

( (American SAP)                                                                                                

I offer Sober Escort services for individuals who are traveling to a residential treatment center.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Master Addiction Counselor, I possess the clinical and addiction knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure that the client arrives safely to their destination, without incident.  Upon arrival, I brief the treatment staff, and help the client to settle in.  Compassionate, caring, and attentive to every detail, my  service is one of the most professional in the field.
$1,000.00 per day

Hotel and Airfare not included