Currently Reading:

"Inner Engineering" by Sadhguru.

A beautiful and insightful book.  I am enjoying Sadhguru's humor and lighthearted way of dealing with complex techniques in the yoga tradition.

I highly recommend this one!

Top 3 Picks:

"Finding Inner Courage" by Mark Nepo.

I am a huge fan of Mark Nepo and recommend any book that he has written.  This is the second time I have read this book - but this time I have a highlighter in hand and a notebook by the side to jot down notes.

"Becoming Myself - Memoir of a Pscyhiatrist" by Irvin Yalom.

Yalom is one of my main influencers next to Carl Jung. This work is poignant, beautifully written and a testimony of one man's lifetime of work to help heal the minds and souls of countless patients. 
I also recommend  "The Gift of Therapy" by Yalom - a work of incredible insight into the direction that mental health is taking in this country, and how the therapist can change the paradigm.

"Wherever You Go - There You Are"
by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Everyone asks me what books I recommend for learning meditation.  Of the hundreds available, I recommend one - this one.  It is the basis of all other texts, and if mastered, you will not need any other book!  Jon has written numerous tomes that are powerful and insightful - but this stands out as the Rosetta Stone of meditation techniques and mindfulness approaches to life.

Bibliotherapy Readings

I am an avid reader, engaged in constant knowledge acquisition. Many people ask me to share titles with them, so I have compiled the first iteration of my reading list as a starting point.  I am beginning to include annotations with the list - a work in progress.

Amen, Daniel.  Unchain Your Brain.  Mind Works Press, 2005. 

Beattie, Melody. Codependent No More.  Hazelden, 1992.
This is a "go-to" for anyone who is dealing with codependent issues related to alcoholism or addiction.

Beattie, Melody. Codependent's Guide to the Twelve Steps.  Simon and Schuster, 1990.

Beattie, Medlody.  Make Miracles in Forty Days.  Simon and Schuster, 2010.
I have read this book four times, and each time resulted in more remarkable results than the time before.  I can not recommend this book enough!

Bien, Thomas.  Mindful Recovery.  Wiley, 2003. 
A very thoughtful book; well written, and well conceived. 

Brach, Tara.  Radical Acceptance.  Bantam Books, 2004. 
This is Tara's first book and a classic.  In it she maps out a path to full acceptance of who we are as we are, not as others would have us be.  My copy is well work, dog eared, flagged, notes in margin and a treasured gem.

Brach, Tara.  True Refuge.  Bantam Books 2010. 

This is Tara's most recent work and a masterpiece of Buddhist thought.  Highly recommended.

Cameron, Julia.  Blessings.  Tarcher 2012. 

I adore Julia Cameron and all her work - and found her workshops to impact my creativity and my writing juices like no other.  Blessings is a small bedside book of very precious prayers that speaks to the innumerable blessings we are given each and every day.

Cameron, Julia.  The Artist's Way.  Tarcher, 1998. 

This is Julia's classic tome on opening our creative selves and tapping into the unlimited potential of our creativity - whether as writers, artists, photographers, musicians or dancers.

Cameron, Julia.  Transitions.  Tarcher 2010.

This is another of Julia's prayer books that is truly a treasure.  Highly recommended.

Doige, Norman.  The Brain that Changes Itself.   Penguin, 2007. 

Duhigg, Charles.  The Power of Habit.  Random House, 2012. 

Duncan Oliver, Joan.  Commit to Sit.   Tricycle, 2000. 

Written by several renown Buddhists, this book is an inspiration to anyone who wishes to make a sincere commitment to their meditation practice.

Epstein, Mark.  Thoughts Without a Thinker.   Basic Books, 1995. 

When I read Mark's first book, I was bowled over by the concept that Buddhist Psychology could so powerfully inform Western psychology.  An amazing author, philosopher and therapist, and one of my favorites.

Ford, Debbie.  Courage.   Harper, 2008.
Ford, Debbie.  The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.   Riverhead, 2002. 

Griffin, Kevin.  One Breath at a Time.   Rodale, 1993. 

Kevin broke ground writing this book.  Integrating the 12 Steps with Buddhism practice, Kevin put forth a new approach to working the steps from a different perspective.  Highly recommended.

Griffin, Kevin.  A Burning Desire.  Hay House.

Kevin's second book.  I did not find it as readable as his first.  Nonetheless, it is filled with inspiration.

Hansard, Christopher.  The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking.   Atria, 2004. 

Hanson, Rick.  The Practical Neuroscience of Buddha's Brain.   New Harbinger, 2009.

One of the first neuroscientists to bring Buddhist thought to the awareness of Western science, and the result is remarkable.  I am a huge fan of Rick's and jump on any opportunity to do workshops, podcasts or whatever he is offering!  Highly recommended.

Hanson, Rick.  Hardwiring Happiness.​   Harmony, 2013

A follow-up of sorts to his first book, Hardwiring Happiness delves into specific techniques and methods to truly re-map the neural pathways in our brains in order to experience happiness as a norm, and not soemthing out of reach.

Hay, Louise.   You Can Heal Your Life.   Hay House, 1994.  

This is a classic and should be on every bookshelf of those who wish to pursue self-growth and personal knowledge.  Highly recommended.

HH the Dalai Lama. The Heart of the Buddha's Path.   Thorsons, 2005.

I recommend reading anything by His Holiness.  No matter what book, article or interview, you will gain a depth of insight and understanding of compassion, kindness, and peace.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon.  Wherever You Go, There You Are.   Hyperion, 1990. 

This is a classic that lays forth the basic principles of what is known as "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  Highly recommended and often the go-to book that I recommend when people ask me "What book should I read to understand meditation?"

Kabat-Zinn, Jon.  Coming to Our Senses.   Hyperion, 1998. 

This is a particularly important book.  It is a lengthy and dense read, but worth the effort.  Kabat-Zinn lays out how we can actually "come" to our senses.  In stand alone chapters he touches on every aspect of our lives, the effects of a modern day tempo on our beings, and how to return to the space where there is only the present moment.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon.  Full Catastrophe Living.  Delta, 2002. 

Kornfield, Jack.  After the Ecstacy, the Laundry.   Bantam Books, 1999. 

Kornfield, Jack.  Bringing Home the Dharma.   Shambhala, 2004.  

Kornfield, Jack.  The Wise Heart.   Bantam Books, 2004. 

Kornfield, Jack.  The Art of Forgiveness.  Bantam Books, 1997.

Kornfield, Jack.  A Path with Heart.   Bantam Books, 1984. 

Levine, Stephen.  Guided Meditations, Explorations & Healings.  Anchor Books, 1995. 

Loizzo, Joe.  Sustainable Happiness.  Routledge, 2007.

This is a huge book and I am still plowing through it, slowly.  It is a very intellectual body of work, but each page unlocks a deeper understanding to the Buddhist path.  Loizzo adresses techniques, theory, myth and realities. 

Mate, Gabor.  In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts.  North Atlantic, 2007.

Dr. Mate is perhaps one of the leading addictionoligists in the field and one who has altered the way we now think about addiction. Dr. Mate explains how trauma is the foundation of addiction, and how the body's response is the "dis-ease" that we know to be alcoholism or drug addiction. 

Mate, Gabor.  When the Body Says No.  Wiley.  2003.

Mingyur, Yongey.  Joyful Wisdom.  Three Rivers, 2008.

Mingyur, Yongey. The Joy of Living.  Harmony Books, 2010. 

​Mipham, Sakyong.  Ruling Your World.  Morgan Road, 2007.

Mipham, Sakyong.  Turning the Mind into an Ally.  Riverhead, 2009. 

Nepo, Mark.  Finding Inner Courage.  MJF Books, 2005.  

Nepo, Mark.  The Exquisite Risk.  Harmony Books, 2005.

Nhat Hanh, Thich.  The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching.  Paralax, 2003. 

Nhat Hanh, Thich.  Going Home: Jesus & Buddha as Brothers.   Riverhead, 1999.

Nhat Hanh, Thich.  Taming the Tiger Within.  Riverhead, 1991.  

Nhat Hanh, Thich.  Teachings on Love.  Paralax, 2003. 

Rosen, Tommy.  Recovery 2.0 Upgrade your Life. Hay House. 2014.

I first read this book in early 2015 when it had just come out.  I couldn't put it down. I have made it mandatory reading for all my addiction clients.  Tommy is my mentor and teacher, and one of the most ethical teachers in the field of addiction that I have ever met.

Rubin, Gretchen. The Happiness Project.  Harper, 2012. 

Schaef, Anne Wilson.  When Society Becomes an Addict.  Harper, 1988.

Schaef, Anne Wilson.  Living in Process.   Ballantine, 1999. 

Siegel, Daniel.  Mindsight.   Bantam Books, 2010.

Siegel, Daniel.  Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology.  Norton, 2012

This is literatlly a pocket guide to the subject.  Excellent for therapists, students and interns in the field.  Highly recommended.

Siegel, Daniel.  The Mindful Therapist.  Norton, 2010.

Singer, Michael.  The Untethered Soul.   Noetic, 2004. 

Surya Das, Lama.  Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be.   Broadway Books, 2004.

I read this precious book directly after coming out of the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer.  Reading this began my journey to a deeper understanding of how my attachment to the past had written my present.  Thank you, Surya Das for helping me to true healing!  Highly recommended.


Surya Das, Lama.  Awakening the Buddha Within.  Broadway Books, 2002. 

Suzuki, Shunryu.  Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.   Shambhala, 1973. 

Thondup, Tulku.  The Healing Power of Mind.   Shambhala, 2009. 

Trungpa, Chogyam.  The Sanity we are Born With.   Shambhala, 2007. 

Williamson, Marianne.  A Return to Love.  Harper, 1992.